GSM Grand Solar Minimum: An Overview of What To Expect

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A Grand Solar Minimum occurs approximately every 200 years.

The last notable GSM event was the Dalton Minimum, which lasted from 1790 to 1820.

A new Grand Solar Minimum began in 2020 and is projected to last until 2070 – up to 50 years.

We expect cooler weather overall during this time period. 

During a GSM, the sun’s magnetic field weakens.

The weakening of the magnetic field allows extra cosmic rays into our solar system, including the Earth’s atmosphere. 

These particles propagate low level cloud formation by acting as cloud nuclei by ionization.

Historically, these cooler time periods have been linked to drought, heat waves, and wildfires as a result of extreme jet stream disturbances caused by a slowing of the formation of ozone in the atmosphere.

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