Why does solar activity matter to us?

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6.1: GSM Grand Solar Minimum: An Overview of What To Expect
6.2: Learning From History: 1816 The Year Without A Summer, Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death, and Grand Solar Minimum GSM
6.3: Why does solar activity matter to us?
6.4: Effects of Geomagnetic Activity Upon Human Health
6.5: CIA studied how geomagnetic storms impact psychic phenomena
6.6: Grand Solar Minimum Preparedness

Here, we see what solar maximum and solar minimum look like. The state of our sun currently is on the right.

This minimum has been projected to extend much longer than a standard minimum. When that occurs, we call this event a Grand Solar Minimum. They happen every 200 years. They are just part of the space weather cycle. They happen regardless of anything that human beings do. It’s literally weather.

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