Things I Can't Say, Part Two: The Dark Triad Plan To Flip The Script

Pay Attention: This Information Could Alter Your Strategy Significantly

Excerpt: “Some of us were having a conversation in the Starfire Codes chat room on Telegram earlier. I mentioned, “My dark premonition is that the script eventually flips when we’re past the tipping point on acceptance that it’s the people who have taken the shot who are the ones getting sick. 

“I believe it’s entirely possible that the camps and the hundreds of thousands of body bags that FEMA has built and purchased are meant for this inevitable reality (if we remain on the trajectory of the current timeline – nothing is ever set in stone). 

“When people mention “buying cards” to me I caution them against it for many reasons –  but the main one is not going on record as needing to be placed in the wrong camp should the script flip eventually.

“Synchronicity is a heavy part of my life as many of you know, and I had just said this and was then tagged in something showing that the script is right about to flip.”

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Posted by StarfireCodes

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