If You're Not Ready To Question EVERYTHING, You're Not "Awake." Period.

Excerpt: “You cannot get angry with “team blue” for “trusting the science” when you are also “trusting the science” you were told without verifying it.

“Lobbyists, corporations, and special interests have been pushing fake science for over 100 years in order to keep you beholden to their products and services, to keep you fat, sick, and close to death in the name of profit. 

“If you’re reading me, I assume you already know and accept this as fact.

“When doctors and researchers develop cheap, natural ways to heal people, they are called “quacks,” their licenses to practice are revoked, and their lives are destroyed. Some of them have had their labs burned to ash. Some were murdered.

“Again, if you’re reading me, I assume you already know this and accept these things as facts.

“Did you know that Einstein would retract submissions from publications if they were peer reviewed? Einstein knew that the papers that were being reviewed by his PEERS were being reviewed by his COMPETITION, that his peers and his competition were one and the same, and that these people had a vested interest in shutting his ideas out in favor of their own. He knew the way the game is played and he didn’t expose himself to this kind of senseless bullshit.”

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