Hypocrisy 101

Are UFOs real? Does climate change exist? Was the 2020 Presidential election stolen? Was the 2016 Presidential election stolen? Was the 2000 Presidential election stolen? Was the riot at the Capital an insurrection? Were the BLM riots “peaceful protests”? Is inflation transitory? Do masks prevent the spread of Covid-19? Are Covid-19 vaccines safe and effective? Did Covid-19 come from a lab or a wet market? Is the Earth flat or round? Does God exist? Were we created by a superior being or did we create ourselves?

There are many different opinions and answers to all of these questions. I have a personal belief on every single one of them, and I don’t care that other people have different beliefs on these questions as I do. Why are so many people so scared that other people may espouse a belief that they disagree with that they believe they should not be allowed to express them? Are they that insecure about their own beliefs that they don’t want anyone else to say anything that is contrary to what they believe? Is that how thinly grounded their beliefs are? What are they so afraid of? We are living in the age of censorship. People actually tell other people, ‘You can’t say that.’ Why? Why can’t someone say something, whatever it is? People actually lobby social media companies to remove someone’s speech from their platform, and the companies actually do it.

So, when Elon Musk took over Twitter last month and promised to change their content moderation, people on the left were apoplectic. They were concerned that Twitter would become a dangerous place. In the years prior to Musk taking over, the left never showed any concern that Twitter failed to take down child pornography on their platform, profited off of sex-trafficking of young boys, allowed terrorists and brutal dictators to espouse their hate views on Twitter. They only became concerned about the safety of Twitter when it appeared that Musk was no longer going to censor conservative points of view because people who want a secure border, believe there are only two genders, claim that Covid came from a lab and ask questions about the integrity of an election are far more dangerous than child pornographers, pedophiles, terrorists and dictators.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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