Border Absurdity

Frank Thompson, an art teacher at Roosevelt Intermediate School in New Jersey, is facing charges after he overdosed on fentanyl in front of a classroom of students. Obviously, taking drugs in school as a teacher is a serious offense, and needs to be dealt with sternly. He should be immediately fired and held to the full account of the law. But in order to overdose at school as a teacher, Thompson most likely is a serious drug addict, and probably a heroin addict. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs there is, and fentanyl is a synthetic and much more potent version of heroin. Addiction, we are told by the medical profession, is a disease, so the authorities are charging this man for how his disease manifested itself in real life.

We can have a serious debate as to whether this man needs to go to jail, or needs to go into an intense drug rehabilitation, but the people who should be facing criminal charges for this situation and for the hundreds of thousands of other drug overdoses in our country every year, are President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alexandro Mayorkas. Those are the people who have opened our southern border, and have allowed a record amount of drugs, especially fentanyl, to pour into our country and communities for the last two years.  

Biden and Mayorkas have chosen not to enforce our immigration laws and strengthen our border security which has allowed the Mexican drug cartels to take control of our southern border and smuggle drugs into our country at record pace. It’s not that Biden and Mayorkas tried and failed to secure our border and stop the flow of drugs, they failed to even try. So, it is only right to lay the death of every American who has died of an overdose at their feet. If they are not doing everything in their power to stop that poison from coming into this country, they are complicit in all these deaths. They should be tried and convicted for assessor to murder for every drug overdose death in our country. If you give a drug addict the drugs he uses to overdose, it is no different than giving a suicidal person a loaded gun that he uses to kill himself.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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