World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation: Down the Rabbit Hole, Volume Four

Class warfare is culture, not agenda. Gaslighting is the art of linguistic transmutation.

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This tagline, in a world where we know everything said means the exact opposite, is particularly terrifying to me.

People assume the goal stated is coupled with a desire to prevent this.

When I see this, I see literal blatant Revelation of the Method. A few years ago, barely anyone knew what predictive programming is. They’re still mostly unaware. But more and more people are seeing it now. The more actively they engage, the less they are passively affected. That’s a win.

Part of the strategy is to make you wonder who is doing it so that when you talk about the connections you sound like a loon.

That’s by design. 

If you sound like an idiot when you talk about it, you’ll be treated like an idiot when you attempt to explain it.

Once you understand what is really happening, it’s simple. At that point you can put the notorious red string away for good because there’s no need for it or for you to look absolutely ridiculous whenever you whip it out.

There are merely people, like anyone else, who were raised with certain values and act in concert with the values they were taught. Period. End of story. 

Your values are not the same as theirs. You perceive this as agenda. It is not. It is culture.

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