Things I Can't Say, Part Three: El Salvador Is A Trap

What part of DECENTRALIZATION don’t you understand?

Excerpt: “So while here and there you’ll have some criminal utilizing it to cover their tracks, on the whole, the people who are using it believe in personal sovereignty and just want to be left alone to transact as they see fit and live their lives unharassed.

“But see, decentralization of encrypted funds no longer works if you all decide to go to the same place, following Pied Piper social media influencers out to some false utopia where GOVERNMENTS CAN OUT YOU and CONFISCATE YOUR ASSETS. 

“Which is the point. 

“This is the entire plan.

“Please don’t be dumb. Please don’t be dumb. Please don’t be dumb.

“The next thing I saw was this. 

“Pretty dumb….”

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Posted by StarfireCodes

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