The Science of Fear

The day after the devastating tornadoes which swept through the Midwest killing over 80 people, President Biden made a statement blaming these tornadoes on climate change to push his climate agenda. Likewise, left-wing Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted, ‘this is what climate catastrophe looks like’. The propensity of politicians and activists to exploit the pain and suffering of American citizens for their own agendas is unconscionable. Every time there is a natural disaster from tornadoes to hurricanes to wildfires to even earthquakes and a pandemic, there are scores of politicians and activists chomping at the bit to exploit the suffering of the people to win political points.

Climate activists tend use a singular weather event like this as definitive proof of their position, relying on the fear it creates to sway people more so than using actual facts and data. Ironically, when there are other weather events, like a blizzard or a polar vortex or record freezing temperatures which seemingly disproves their position on global warming, the same climate activists will snap back, lecturing us that blizzards and polar vortexes are weather, and not climate, and weather events prove nothing about climate unless it is a hurricane or a tornado that they can use to push their climate agenda.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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