The Global Mafia: The Script Continues To Flip As The Mainstream Media Throws the World Health Organization's Tedros Under The Bus

OK, who didn’t see this coming? Bueller?!

Excerpt: “[Note: Take your time. Grab a drink and snacks. This is a deep dive. The links in bold lead to articles, videos, studies, and books which are important to achieving an overall understanding of the information presented. Please read/watch each for a more comprehensive view.]

Reuters has syndicated an article through the major mainstream media publications in which Ethiopia’s foreign ministry calls out World Health Organization director general Tedros for having supported rebellious forces fighting the Ethiopian government and formally asking the World Health Organization to investigate Tedros’s activities. 

“This already feels like I’m watching a shitty staged wrestling call out on the WWE. As a dear friend would put it, “This feels so cheesy I feel like I’m about to cough up a hairball.” Pretty much. But, let’s keep going….

“In November 2020, after war erupted, the Ethiopian government designated the Tigray People’s Liberation Front a terrorist group. Tedros, who is Tigrayan, was a member of the TPLF.”

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