The dangerous and difficult road for the babies of leftists to grow into normal adults

Babies in this country face a perilous journey from the moment of conception and conception itself is no easy task. Sperm have to make the trip all the way to the uterus where one lucky sperm might get to fertilize the single egg released that particular month. Then the fertilized egg has to implant itself into the wall of the uterus. The developing embryo then continues onto becoming a fetus under the shadow of a possible miscarriage.

That’s the easy part.

Then the fetus must face the stark reality that every single left-wing person in the country longs to abort every single unborn child.  They want to vacuum its brain out and carve up the rest during removal right up to the birth due date or harvest the organs for sale.

If somehow the baby escapes that fate, it has to pass the Ralph Northam gauntlet, i.e., a post-birth abortion. That’s the one during which mom and the doctor have a conversation about whether the democrat mom is having a bad day and decides she doesn’t want the baby anymore and the baby is allowed to expire by withholding life support.  President Biden is all in for “abort(ing) a child.”

In fact, Biden considers himself the “child of God” who supports the termination of other children of God.

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Posted by cstarman417

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