Sources of US Government Funding of EcoHealth Alliance since 2006 – the odd 71 million bucks – DoD's DTRA needs to be renamed the Threat Increase Agency!?!

After being alerted to the article below: Biden Admin Awards $3 Million in Taxpayer Money to Firm at Center of Wuhan Lab Leak Scandal – Slay News, 

Here is a summary table of US tax payer dollars awarded to EcoHealth Alliance since 2006.

Note: this does not include EcoHealth Alliance funding, if any, from other governments where EcoHealth Alliance is cited to be operating from a US perspective – namely, Malaysia, Mexico (via US Fish and Wildlife) or the Philippines, Jordan, India, South Africa, Liberia, Tanzania, Malaysia and Georgia via DTRA. These governments may also have contributed to EcoHealth Alliance’s budget.

Nor does it include other collaborative funding from US allies (such as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in the “5 eyes” bloc, or the EU, or China or any South American or other country/bloc such as OPEC.

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Posted by peter halligan

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