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Hey, remember the pandemic of 2020? China knew of the SAR-Cov-2 viral epidemic that was brewing in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. What did they do? They sealed off Hubei province from the rest of China but opened Hubei to the outside world, knowing the virus was going to be carried into some of the most populated areas possible. The virus was sent to Milan, New York and the West Coast of the US. It then exploded across the US.

They’re doing it again.

China finally ended its idiotic zero-COVID policy, which was an absolute disaster.  People were sealed into their own homes, sometimes even welded in. As China lies about pretty much everything it’s almost impossible to know how many died as a consequence. It estimates that 250 million are now infected with COVID since the end of its zero-COVID restrictions. The country is now going through what everyone else endured two years ago, except that now they are again willing to share.

China, which was ground zero for COVID, is lifting quarantine rules for incoming visitors and is now actively exporting the virus to familiar target territory.

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