Pure Evil

This is an article that shouldn’t need to be written, but sadly, in our country today, it does. Remember, the good old days, when everybody – right, left, middle, Republican, Democrat, Independent, liberal, conservative, you name it – could all agree on this one thing – pedophilia was wrong; it was not only wrong, it was evil. Pedophiles were the lowest form of life. Pedophiles were so bad, so evil that in prison, the most violent, hardened criminals, viewed their actions towards children as so reprehensible that they would take it upon themselves to kill the pedophiles.

So, we all used to believe that harming a child was probably the worst thing anyone could do. But not anymore. Today, we have college professors who are arguing to change the term “pedophile” to “minor attracted person” in order to remove the stigma of the pedophile’s desire to rape little children. There is a reason why the term “pedophile” has been stigmatized. Pedophilia is an evil act. But the left is slowly trying to normalize pedophilia in our society, as they have done with every other form of taboo sexual behavior.

One could argue, that changing the term is merely semantics, and not something tangible. Fair enough. But words are not the only things being changed. In California, officials have passed legislation reducing the sentences for pedophilia. Recently, California has released thousands of pedophiles from prison after serving less than one year of their multi-year sentences. Who would ever think it’s a good idea to allow pedophiles out of prison early? What public good is served by doing that, considering that people who commit these types of crimes will most likely commit them again? Do the people in charge simply not care about children or do they actually want more children to be raped?  

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Posted by juddgarrett

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