Oath Keeper, retired Navy vet, 70, charged with ‘seditious conspiracy’ for Jan 6 warns, ‘this is good vs evil’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed alleged Oath Keepers leader Thomas Caldwell on Thursday night, addressing the Department of Justice charging him with seditious conspiracy in connection with the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6 just hours before appearing on his show.

“Tucker, I did not go into the Capitol and they know it,” Caldwell, 67, asserted. “I’m absolutely outraged. They don’t have any proof, and I’m innocent and we can prove my innocence.”

“You know, this whole thing has just crushed my wife and I – emotionally and financially,” he commented. “We have all the faith in the world in God. We believe that this is good versus evil. And we are Christians.”

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Posted by roboeamerican

Christian Conservative. I love to ride, Us Army 76-79.
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