Nothing They Do Makes Sense

Recently, President Biden was observed getting a “booster” shot in what appeared to be a room at the White House. Unfortunately, the White House “room” was an elaborate hoax. Slow Joe got a shot of something (maybe), on a fake set, constructed specifically for a staged event. It was Kabuki Theater. Apparently, Joe starred in his own one-act play, No Time to Vax for his captive audience the media. Amy Tarkanian said:

Why would someone set up a fake White House backdrop when they live and work in the actual White House?
Nothing they do makes sense.

“Nothing they do makes sense,” perfectly describes Biden’s entire presidency. Does it make sense to threaten people who aren’t vaxed, fire them from their jobs, and yet keep our southern border wide open? Thousands upon thousands of immigrants from third world countries are pouring into our country, many infected with horrible, contagious diseases. Does it make sense to blame the border patrol for simply doing their jobs? Does it make sense to airlift thousands of unvetted, undocumented Afghanistan males and spread them surreptitiously across the land? Does it make sense to abandon billions of dollars of sensitive military equipment in Afghanistan and leave Americans stranded and at the mercy of the Taliban? Joe must live in an alternate universe if he thinks that moronic mandates from a befuddled monarch are popular with the peasants. Hey, wait, they’re not. Do you hear what I hear?

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Posted by cstarman417

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