Miguel Almaguer Exiled to Weather Reports after Paul Pelosi Story

Soon after Miguel Almaguer delivered his November 4 NBC News report about the arrival of police at the home of Paul Pelosi during his encounter with David DePape, his story was scrubbed from the NBC News website and Almaguer himself was suspended. Many have wondered what happened to Almaguer since then but he has emerged from his suspension in December to report on several weather stories. Those weather stories seem to be a metaphor for what has happened to Almaguer since there is so much snow in his reports that he appears to have been exiled to Siberia.

We can expect Miguel the Meteorologist to be permanently esconced in a protective bubble so as not have to answer questions about his Paul Pelosi report that has upended his career. Meanwhile surveillance camera and police bodycam videos of what happened on the evening of the Pelosi-DePape episode have remained hidden from the public.

Exit question: Did the NBC News FBI Overlords have a role in suppressing Miguel Almaguer’s Paul Pelosi report?

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Posted by pjcomix

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