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‘Like a Creepy Neighbor’: State Farm does 180 after whistleblower exposes transgender project for 5-year-olds

Insurance giant State Farm is getting publicity for all of the wrong reasons and is backtracking big time after a whistleblower leaked details about a “unique project” to help teach transgenderism to children as young as five-years-old, another example of how deeply the “woke” cancer has penetrated companies with some of America’s most identifiable and enduring brands.

According to an email provided to nonprofit watchdog organization Consumers’ Research, the company has partnered with the transgender activist group the GenderCool Project which identifies itself as an “inspiring disrupter” that promotes gender identity issues to children and their families, who have “never met a transgender or non-binary person” who “feel conflicted about what they read, see and hear.”

In the email which has been made public by Consumers’ Research as a part of their accountability campaign called “Like a Creepy Neighbor,” a member of State Farm’s management team encouraged Florida agents to donate three-book bundles on transgenderism to local schools and public libraries to get the material into the hands of young and impressionable minds that are the most susceptible to brainwashing, a demographic that is easy prey for groomers and their enablers.


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