Karen Kingston Reveals The FDA’s Insane EUA Plan: Treat Injuries of the Fast-Tracked Experimental Jab with Another Fast-Tracked Experimental Product

We all know that we have an out-of-control Federal Government. We’ve witnessed the last several years that the FDA has no regard for our safety, but instead has simply been looking out for Big Pharma and implementing the agenda of powers-that-be behind The Great Reset. It’s gotten so blatant and so obvious that it should shock even the most ardent pro-vax Democrat that the “checks and balances” are nothing of the sort. 

During a recent episode of In The Foxhole on Freedom First TV, Karen Kingston explained how our Federal Government, specifically through the FDA and HHS, set up the EUA system to allow Big Pharma to continually skip animal testing and go straight to humans.

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Posted by gatekeepers

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