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Judge Jeanine takes do-nothing VP Harris to the woodshed for worsening border crisis: ‘This woman is lazy!’

Jeanine Pirro ripped into Vice President Kamala Harris on “The Five,” bluntly calling her “lazy” and declaring that she doesn’t deserve to be vice president, should resign, and is not doing her job.

On Monday, the co-hosts of the Fox News Channel show discussed where Harris has gotten off to as the border catastrophe spirals even further out of control. The largest migrant caravan in history is reportedly approaching the United States border and the vice president is not addressing it in the least.

“She showered these corrupt South American countries with cash,” co-host Jesse Watters noted, referring to Harris. “And then they stole the money and kept sending the caravans north. It’s typical liberalism where you just keep throwing money at a problem that just keeps getting worse.”

“Didn’t one of our correspondents interview one of the presidents of one of these Central American countries and the guy says ‘Yeah, I haven’t heard from Kamala for about a year’?” Watters asked.

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