HUNTER BIDEN: Here’s Two More Scandals Implicating His Dad, Beijing Biden – The Lid

Have you noticed the Dems’ reaction the to Hunter Biden scandals? They always assume it’s some kind of a desperate attempt to deflect negative attention from the Republicans.

Today, they’re claiming that Hunter Biden scandal stories are proof positive that our side is ‘sh*tting bricks’ in fear over … whatever the Hell it is that Adam Schiff and Liz Cheyney are going on about again today.

If one of them tries that with you, be sure and ask them why a British News outlet, that has an actual copy of the laptop that even the press has finally admitted is real, gives a flying fox fart about J6 ‘revelations’ when they have exclusive scoops on dirty laundry involving the sitting President and his degenerate, drug-addled son.

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