Fractal Computing is catching voter fraud in real time

October 28, 2022

Democrats are Aboard the Big Data Titanic

By Jay Valentine

Seven state voter integrity teams called us after reading an article about Democrats employing a massive tech weapon for the upcoming elections. They were terrified their efforts to clean up voter rolls were for naught.

We were on a road trip crunching Nevada voter data and watching amazing results, real time, in the car.

Sleep well.  Nobody ever changed the game in any industry, or election, by applying demonstrably obsolete technology.

The future of computing, and election computing, is not size and scale, it is blinding speed, across trillions of records, from hundreds to thousands of databases, using daily or hourly snapshot analysis, delivered to your cell phone or tablet — to determine if a person changed their mind — this morning.

There is no need for long-term, predictive data models in a world where opinions on crucial issues change hourly.

The Democrats’ Big Data Titanic technology is recognized as obsolete:

“By 2025, traditional computing technologies will hit a digital wall… As conventional silicon processors approach performance, economic and sustainability limits, they will limit digital initiatives and innovation, thereby limiting the growth of the business. New computing technologies … will begin to take their place. As these new technologies mature, they will become increasingly available and more affordable for businesses to begin experimentation.”   

— Gartner Group Strategic Predictions for 2021 And Beyond

Mike Lindell and Sheriff David Clarke asked us to run the Wisconsin voter rolls with our disruptive Fractal technology. 

Voter integrity teams were ferociously analyzing state voter rolls with SQL, relational, Mongo, Excel type systems — the equivalent of emptying a swimming pool with a spoon.  We loaded Wisconsin and within hours had it in their hands — no charge — finding registered voters living in laundromats and UPS boxes. 

Word spread and we now run about 15 or 20 mostly swing states.  We fund 90% of this ourselves.

Let’s compare what our Democrat team friends are doing with Fractal outcomes. Both teams have voter registration and history records. There are about 170 million eligible voters in the U.S. 

We don’t run one copy of the state voter registration roll.  We run 7, or 15, or 55 or in one state, 66. Running multiple copies of rolls allows our users to see subtle, critical changes in the data not visible to current technology.

That inactive voter, probably dead, moved to active, voted, then went back into that comfortable grave — as inactive.  Current technology sees the person as inactive — before they vote and afterward. 

Fractal identifies the data movement, flags it, and that vote is challenged before it impacts an election.

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