Everything that is happening is intentional. All of it.

Imagine, if you will, Gavin Newsom, Beto O’Rourke, AOC, and Maxine Waters as Presidents. Imagine Joe Biden staying in office until he dies then a decade after that? Imagine living in a country with no borders with your taxes based on your voting history?  Imagine you have absolutely no power to fight it? It’s not only possible, it is happening.

Totalitarian rule can at once strike like pyroclastic flow hurtling down the mountainside or can insinuate itself slowly into our lives like a toxic cloud floating into a town. Our situation is the latter.

Joe Biden came into office bent on destroying history. He has tried to overturn every single Trump policy, including prosperity, energy independence, a growing economy, our enemies fearing us, a good supply chain, and abundant food supplies. Under the guise of the kindly old grandfather, he changed all that and more.

…The value of American citizenship is being devalued and debased.

This is all by design. It is all intentional. It is meant to create a one-party totalitarian state that offers voters one choice- you vote for democrats or you don’t vote.  This is all designed to smother the Republican party into oblivion. It is not meant to save democracy. It is meant to end democracy.

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