Ebola Patients Rambam Hospital Sets Up Ebola Clinic November 15, 2022

Rambam hospital sets up Ebola clinic Inside Hospital Parking Garage


 300 medical staff at Rambam Medical Center are being trained on how to treat Ebola patients.



In recent weeks, a number of Israelis returned from Uganda and were quarantined for Ebola after being exposed to Ebola , although all of them tested negative for Ebola virus according to the hospital .


The Rambam Medical Center in Haifa began setting up a  Ebola quarantined clinic on Sunday for Israelis suspected of being exposed to Ebola virus, according to KAN news.


The Ebola clinic will be set up in an isolated, underground parking lot. 300 medical staff members are being trained on how to treat Ebola patients.


The clinic will be able to treat as many as three active patients, although it is unlikely that there will be that many patients, according deputy director of Rambam Medical Center, Dr. Avi Weissman.

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