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Ebola Outbreak Declared By World Health May 5, 2022 – Ebola Kills Man Vaccinated Against Ebola

Ebola Outbreak Declared By World Health

World Threatened By New Ebola Pandemic

Ebola Case Was A Man Vaccinated Against Ebola

Ebola patient, a 31-year-old man, started feeling ill on April 5, before dying on April 21. 

Ebola patient began showing Ebola symptoms on April 5, but did not seek treatment for more than a week. The man had also reportedly been vaccinated against Ebola .

A second Ebola patient then become sick on April 13, displaying Ebola symptoms.

She was treated at home for five days, and visited a prayer house, a health center, a pharmacy and a nurse’s home.

World Health officials trying track down thousands of people who may have been  exposed to Ebola

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