Death, Illness, and Injury: One Post Almost Every Minute

Do you want to be a statistic? Because this is how you end up a statistic.

Excerpt: “What I am about to show you is very powerful. 

“For those of you looking for something to show the fence sitters or the people who haven’t begun to stir, this might be a great way to prevent them from engaging in self-harm due to ignorance.

“I don’t usually engage with these conversations myself. I feel my energy is best spent teaching the teachers. 

“However, as most of you ARE teachers of some sort, formally or informally within your own circles, I’d like to support all of you in having these kinds of conversations with others if you are willing and you have the energy. 

“What I’m about to show you is a Twitter feed pushed into a Telegram channel. 

“That’s all it is. 

“Very simple.

“But what it’s doing is super important.

“It posts tweets that contain keywords associated with death, injury, or illness as a result of the shot.”

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Posted by StarfireCodes

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