Commie Professor Amanda Hendrix-Komoto is Trying to Destroy another American Business with Propaganda and Lies.

A shop in Utah has labeled their milk chocolate bars “Nephite” and their dark chocolate bars “Lamanite” as a joke. People are calling them on it. I hope the shop owner apologizes and does better. (image from reviews)

— Amanda Hendrix-Komoto (@HendrixKomoto) June 9, 2022


Montana State University professor Amanda Hendrix-Komoto used Twitter today to pressure a Utah candy shop into changing the name of two chocolates that she found offensive.

 Lehi store had named chocolates “Nephite” and “Lamanite,” references to the Book of Mormon. Komoto was ready to wage war if the candy shop did not back down.

 “We had a number of DMs this morning, and decided to change the name,” John Foster Lanenga, owner of Just Add Chocolate, said Thursday.

 Spencer called the owner just now and spoke to him for about 5 minutes. He said “I’ve received 50 calls today and they’re all yelling at me, swearing at me, and telling me they’re going to destroy my business.”

Lanenga added that “we have hundreds of customers a day, some names are going to offend some people. Of course, we consider that, but I can’t say we’ve never had a complaint about the other names. But if this is offensive to people, we’ll take it off. We’ve taken it off already. So now it will just be Hill Cumorah.”

 Just Add Chocolate — (385) 484-6150

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 If you would like to leave a message with Montana State university, this is the number of the department she teaches in (406) 994-4395 and Department Chair Michael Reidy can be reached at

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Written by Ace

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