CIA studied how geomagnetic storms impact psychic phenomena

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6.1: GSM Grand Solar Minimum: An Overview of What To Expect
6.2: Learning From History: 1816 The Year Without A Summer, Eighteen Hundred and Froze To Death, and Grand Solar Minimum GSM
6.3: Why does solar activity matter to us?
6.4: Effects of Geomagnetic Activity Upon Human Health
6.5: CIA studied how geomagnetic storms impact psychic phenomena
6.6: Grand Solar Minimum Preparedness

Magnetic Reversal News released the following deep dive into geomagnetic activity and human health on the date of our October 2020 from the last post, citing a CIA study that was done on extended periods of time in which people are experiencing zero Kp.  

Wait… what? 

Hold up….

This is such an issue that the CIA was studying it?! 

Wait… it gets better….

The CIA was studying the impact Kp has on psychic powers.

Yeah… let’s go on and watch the video….

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