Cheap Morality

At a recent pro-illegal immigration event held by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, she asked the mayor of Somerton, Arizona, Gerardo Anaya, why he supports unfettered immigration, and surprisingly, he said the quiet thing out loud when he replied, “We need cheap labor.” Republican Senator Thom Tillis stepped in and put a euphemistic spin on Mayor Anaya blunt remark by saying, “I wouldn’t call it cheap labor. I would call it affordable labor.” You know what also could be called “affordable labor”, Senator Tills? Slavery.

These people are not much different than the slave owners in the Antebellum South or President Xi in China. These people do not look at the illegal immigrants coming into the United States as human beings, they view them as commodities, no different than if they were buying a tractor or cultivator. Illegal immigrants are not human beings to them because if a new machine could do the work that these illegal immigrants are doing, but cheaper, they would suddenly be against illegal immigration.

It doesn’t matter to them that the massive influx of illegal immigrants into our country over the last couple of years has driven down wages and driven up housing costs for most Americans. All that matters to them is that their rich CEO donors make bigger profits so they can donate more money to their reelection campaigns. They don’t care that erasing our border is destroying the sovereignty of the United States of America; all they care about is keeping their well-paying government jobs. It’s interesting how people so cheaply compromise their morality.

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Posted by juddgarrett

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