Can I Replicate KFC In My Air Fryer?

Is it possible to replicate KFC in an air fryer. Well, what I did was look up the 11 “secret” herbs and spices that goes into Kentucky Fried Chicken and mixed them together with 2 cups of flour. After marinating my chicken thighs in a cup of buttermilk mixed with an egg, I ran the thighs through the mixture and cooked them in the air fryer. You can see my opinion of how close it came to KFC but I also double checked it with others a couple of days later to get their opinions as well. RECIPE: 3 tbs white pepper 2/3 tbs salt 2 tbs garlic salt 1 tbs celery salt 1/2 tbs ground thyme 1/3 tbs oregano 1 tbs black pepper 1 tbs dry mustard 3 tbs paprika (or 4 tbs for a bit spicier) 1 tbs ground ginger 1/2 tbs basil Mix with 2 cups all-purpose flour. Marinate 4 chicken thighs overnight in 1/2 cup buttermilk with egg beaten in. After running the chicken through the powder mix, spray with olive oil on both sides Cook in Air fryer for 30 minutes at 380 degrees and turn when halfway finished. (Note: Using a spray bottle to apply olive oil will have a much better effect on surface texture than applying by spoon.)

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