Can I Love my Bank? Banking innovations may make that possible!


Frank Trotter – Online Banking & World Currency Entrepreneur

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And now for this week’s guest…

Despite a catastrophic reputational loss post the 2008 housing crash, banks still skimp on providing savings interest and bilk depositors with opaque charges.  Innovating the online space and pioneering world currency plays, Mr. Trotter has brought on maverick investor Rick Rule, to add financial opportunities and services that will make customers “fall in love” with a bank.

With the Great Reset chaos aggravating a recession exacerbated by the Covid lockdowns, banking leaders like Mr. Trotter know that financial institutions need both retooling and a broader range of monetary tools to empower their customers.  From a recent article on Frank’s new venture:

“Battle Bank’s products will include high-value checking and savings products, foreign currency deposits, and precious metals trading and lending services, which Trotter highlighted as particularly noteworthy.

“I think one of the unique things we’ll be doing is lending against precious metals,” he commented. “People like a little liquidity in their gold or silver, platinum or palladium, and there’s really not a lot of options. We’re excited about being able to do that in a secure way.”

We also discuss the threats Freedom Hub recently covered: Central bank digital currencies, investing amidst the chaos, and How to educate Americans on what really improves an economy.  We may even touch on the cynical effort to hamper markets failing to virtue signal their support for Great Reset causes like ESG investing.

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