As Biden's Economy Begins to Fail Entrepreneurs Take Control | R. Altomare, D. Sinclair, J. Jacobson

PayPal was caught trying to suppress free speech and the flow of misinformation by robbing from its consumers that crossed them. Then an outcry occurred. They back walked and claimed it was an error. However, as seen in its user terms was this an error or did they expect to get away with corporate led tyranny? As we experience and ever growing threat from the corporations that strangle America First citizens it becomes harder to find the companies that are patriotic and constitution celebrating businesses. Robert Altomare brings a new solution to combat this destructive problem. Through his app BreathEasy consumers can rate businesses that represent their values and elevate them to prominence. what led Robert to start this solution? Big Tech is silencing its users. Privacy is practically non-existent. Providers are turning users in to jack booted federal agencies for arrest. Children are no longer safe online or on their mobile devices. David Sinclair delivers a new wireless provider to make people privately safe again. What problems are we facing as we are monitored and is the U.S. safe from it? A woman whose life fell apart and she became part of the subsidy benefit machine started a business in liberal Oregon. The local community rallied behind her. Then the bioweapon released. Then BLM and ANTIFA declared war. She refused to board up and comply. Beloved Cheesecakes was once a staple supported until Jen Jacobson didn’t fall in line. How did the people who supported her turn so easily against her? Americans are fighting back and with real solutions. The Middle Class may be destroyed but the American Class is rising again. Are you with them? Support independent media: – Visit and discover the new Kingdom Bundle, Immune Support Packs, and also other great plans from the Functional Medical Institute. Use the code BATTLEFRONT at checkout on all items. – New items are arriving and you don’t want to miss having the cool feeling Percale Bed Sheets and the new MyPillow Sandals. Save up to 66% now with the code: Battle. Visit and or call (800) 559-7535. – They stole your privacy through technology. Take it back at Use the code BATTLE and Let Freedom Ring. – Visit and save 10% with the code BATTLE. Get products like the amazing Silvizone Skin Cream and enjoy the benefits of younger looking skin and inflammation relief. What benefits will you experience personally? ⁃ I drink the coffee of PATRIOTS and every time I take a sip of that coffee…mmm…It tastes like FREEDOM. Use code BATTLE for 10% off at – Get your ReAwaken America Tour tickets for 10% off using the code BATTLE at or text (918) 851-0102 – Get Chris Brugard’s revealing documentary about the January 6th events at and see what is occurring before it’s too late. – Protect your wealth and savings. Find out if investing in gold is right for your family’s plan. Visit and talk to IRA. Be sure to let him know it was Dustin Faulkner who sent you. – Subscribe to the new FreedomFirstTV for exclusive shows from a rapidly growing streaming platform. Use the code DUSTIN for 25% off at

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